26 YO Treated For Netflix addiction In Bangalore

Online streaming platforms have emerged as a great source of entertainment in India from last few years. Many platforms are growing and so as the competition between and all of them trying to give an audience the best. Netflix is one of the OTT Platform which is commonly used worldwide as well in India. But, a shocking case from Bangalore has emerged of Netflix addiction.

A 26 YO Old boy from Bangalore, Karnataka is being treated at Nimhans clinic for Netflix addiction which could be India’s first such case.

26 YO Treated For Netflix Addition In Bangalore 26 YO Treated For Netflix Addition In Bangalore

The man is said to be unemployed and to keep himself busy he turned attention towards online streaming platform from the last six months and later realised he couldn’t stop.

According to Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma who is treating the boy told to PTI that — the young boy used to stream 7 hours a day which could rise to 10 hours a day. The first thing he does after wake up is to stream in. When his parents asked him to look for employment, he gets irritated and shouts at them.

It was a method of escapism. He could forget about his problems, and he derived immense pleasure from it. Watching films and shows on Netflix as it helped him feel good.

26 YO Treated For Netflix Addition In Bangalore

Online streaming platforms give us control of the content what to watch and when to watch. But making them an addiction can cause massive damage to an individual. This might be the first case we have heard in India, but the researches are worried that this might be the start of such type of situations.

Tech companies YouTube is encouraging users to take a break after a certain amount of time. Whereas Google and Apple also give a tool to monitors the time spent on devices. These steps from other platforms will be much appreciated.

Netflix own data suggest that an average user spend 50 mins per day on the platform. The number might not ring bells in our mind now but this is undoubtedly going to increase, and it’s an alarming sound to every one of us.

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