Mumbai Student Scores 35/100 In All Subjects

Exams time are tough times for student. For the brighter students, it’s their time to shine, but everyone can’t be a topper. And everyone wants to clear the exam because not to study the same subject again.

There is always a subject which is purely a weak link or the strongest link and prepared thoroughly. A Mumbai student has set all the bars to rest and scored a perfect 35 “The magic figure” in each subject to clear SSC exams.

Akshit Jadhav, a student of Shanti Nagar High School is mini internet celebrity for his rare feet as media are rushing him to interview him.

Even though, he secured just passing marks his Parents are very happy that his son cleared exam which is a massive lesson to all the Parents who aren’t happy with there child achieving a good percentage. 

His mother Aruna, a homemaker said:

“He enrolled as a private candidate and we extremely happy about his achievement. He coaches in football and plans to build a career in sports.”

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Ganesh Jadhav his father said:

“Students attempt every question in anticipation that they would get a high score, but they may end up with a low score. Akshit, on the other hand, secured minimum passing marks and we all are happy that he cleared the exam.”

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