Rahul Gandhi

Twitter is a source which can appreciate you or can even slap you depending on the work you do. There are several hashtags which trend on twitter all the time from all the different topics. This time Twitterati are slamming Congress for making meme on Rahul Gandhi.

Congress’ official handle on Twitter today tried to expose “how fake news is spread” by BJP. Congress tweeted and asked people to identify how many tweets on the running Twitter hashtag ‘#BlackMoneyCrackdown was copied from a google document. The Congress has long alleged that BJP hands out a document to some of its supporters with sample tweets which are in turn used to by many to ‘trend a hashtag.’

While trying to expose BJP, Congress accidentally ended up tweeting Rahul Gandhi meme and later deleted it.

Rahul Gandhi meme tweeted by Congress twitter handle

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And here is the proof.

Once this was on Twitter, Congress twitter account deleted the tweet but, they were late, and the flood of tweet started on twitter with hashtag #MoorkhCongress

Read them and get some dose of laughter :