SI Mohana Iyer

Since the verdict of Sabarimala temple, Kerala is facing violent clashes between female pilgrims, journalists, and right-wing groups. Heavy police officers are guarded for security but, violence isn’t stopping.

Over the last two days, more than 100 KSRTC buses have been attacked and vandalized after the two women entered the Sabarimala Temple.

SI Mohana Iyer

In between of all these events happening, it was Thursday evening people began blocking buses at Kaliyikkavila on the state border.

When they threatened to indulge in stone-pelting at buses, SI Mohana Iyer intervened. “Dare to touch the buses if you can face the consequences,” said the SI boldly to the protestors supporters.

 The video in which cop is daring protestors to attack buses has gone viral.

People on twitter are applauding the act of bravery shown by SI Mohana Iyer.