Over Property Dispute, 22-YO Man Chops Father’s Body Into 25 Pieces. Caught When disposing The Body

In one of the terrible news from National Capital where a 22-year-old son killed his father and chopped him into 25 pieces. Aman Kumar allegedly murdered his father and stuffed the body parts in four bags.

He was arrested outside his home with his friends when he was trying to dispose the body. The accused killed his father, Sandesh Aggarwal, 48  after an argument over a property dispute.

Aman runs a small cafe in the Farash Bazaar area of Shahdara. He has been forcing his father to register a property, located in Bholanath Nagar, in his name.


“Aman told the police that his father used to scold him regularly. He killed him in a fit of rage and then chopped his body for disposal.” — DCP (Shahdara) Meghna Yadav said.

However, Sandesh brother told that Aman threatens a month ago to kill his brother. He also said that Sandesh wife and children’s are also involved in his murder.

According to NDTV, Sandesh’s brother told the police:

“All of them often used to harass my brother, who owned a cosmetic shop, over property issues. A court case was already going on and Sandesh had already transferred half of his property to his wife and children, but they also wanted the shop.”

22-YO Man killed his father over property dispute

Sandesh mother and his elder son were in Manali for the past few days. On Tuesday night the, an argument broke out and Aman stabbed his father. A neighbour spotted Aman and his friend from his balcony keeping the two blood-stained bags and packets in a car.

He called the police and following which a local police team reached the spot and arrested them.