Honour Killing, Hyderabad
Image : TV5 News

Just days after Pranay and Amrutha case, another severe issue of caste violence happened in Hyderabad. Another inter-caste couple was attacked by women’s father in broad daylight in Hyderabad on September 19.

The incident took place around 03:30 Pm on a busy road in Hyderabad’s Erragada main road. The girl’s father, Manohar Chari called up her daughter and said he was missing his daughter very much and asked to meet.

The Couple B Sandeep, 22, and Madhavi Chary, 20 reached the location and were waiting on the bike for the women’s father to arrive. A man came parked his bike next to them. The man can be seen getting down from the bike, removing the helmet and pulls out a sickle from his bag. Later he attacked the man sitting on a motorcycle with his wife. First, he ruthlessly attacked his Son in law and then his Daughter.

Honour Killing, Hyderabad

As other bystanders attempt to intervene, the attacker threatens them with his sickle before slashing the woman again. At one point, a bystander kicks the attacker, who then walks out of the frame, as the young woman sits up. All this can be seen on the CCTV footage, which is very much disturbing.

The couple got married on Sept 12th and were in a relationship from last five years.

Father of the Girl who attacked was dunked heavily and was arrested in the evening said G. Srinivas, Detective Sub Inspector of SR Nagar police station.

Honour Killing, Hyderabad

Sandeep is in a safe condition while Madhavi’s situation continues to remain critical. They were rushed to Neelima Hospital, and soon Madhavi was shifted to Yashoda Hospital. The doctors said, “Her hand was practically hanging by the skin when she was brought to us. We are focusing on trying to save her life. First, that is what is important.”