England Warns Gujaratis. Leicester Police Will Fine You ₹13,000 For Spitting Paan

Indians are everywhere across the globe and India has a habit of eating Paan. Eating a Paan isn’t an issue but, spitting it is. In India, it is pretty common to find it everywhere but, Leicester city in England is facing trouble due to this particular habit from Indians.

Gujaratis may have to pay fine for Spitting Paan in England

A signboard from Leicester’s police and the Leicester City Council reads, “Spitting paan on the street is unhygienic and anti-social.” And then in all capital letters and red colour, it warned the residents, specifically Gujaratis, “You could be fined £150.”

Leicester Police got soo sick from the Gujarati residents habit of spitting paan in public places that they imposed a poster specially written in Gujarati and in English below.

The most number of Indian who stay in the East Midlands prefer Leicester as there home. Around 28 % of Indian from the East Midlands stays in Leicester. Due to this, the city is facing the issue and the authority has to put up the board.