Delivery Boy Abuses Women, Swiggy Sends Her ₹200 Coupon And A Sorry Note

Swiggy authorities along with a sorry message send a ₹200 coupon to a Bengaluru woman who was abused by the delivery boy and demanded sexual favours. The girl took Facebook to post the incident.

Delivery Boy abuses Girl, demands sexual favors

As delivery boy arrived he said something which she can’t hear, as he repeated it dawned on girl, he was abusing her and asking for sex.

“I was taken aback, I had to literally snatch my food package from him and shut my door on his face. I was disgusted to let alone eat, but to even look at the food.”


As she complains with Swiggy about the delivery boy, they compensated by a sorry and a ₹200 coupon. As she decided to post about the issue on Facebook, Swiggy had to apologize with the girl and sought details for further actions.