A Railway Officer in Pakistan want 2 years leave

In the past, a leave application was viral, in which a constable asked for a week’s leave because Lord Shiva came in his dream. Last year, the leave application of railway workers of Chhattisgarh became the subject of discussion on social media as he had asked for a week’s leave to eat chicken. Now another person is in the spotlight because of his leave petition.

A railway official in Pakistan has asked for two year’s leave. The reason he told this and the condition that he laid down, is astonishing. The officer says that he wants to go on vacation after being disturbed by his non-professional attitude of ‘new boss’ and bad luck.

Mohammad Hanif Gul, who is also the Chief Commercial Manager, in Pakistan Railway, has also demanded that he would get salary despite the 730 days leave. The new boss mentioned by Hanif Gul, in his leave application, is nobody but Pakistan’s railway minister Sheikh Rashid.

In the letter written to the Railway Chairman, Hanif Gul wrote, “The attitude of the new minister is non-professional. Being a respected member of Pakistan Civil Services, I can not work under him. The minister has the right to work with a team of people whose views match them. ”

To let you know that after the formation of Imran Khan’s government in Pakistan, Sheikh Rashid took charge of the Railway Minister on August 20. Read that letter which is getting viral.