Fatehpursekari MLA Uday bhan Singh

“You do not realize my strength. Don’t you know I’m MLA. Don’t you know the power of democracy. You are working against Government. You’re talking to me with Arrogance. Don’t you know I’m MLA.”

This is not the scene of any film, but the conversation happened on Monday in Karauli Tehsil. This is how the BJP MLA from Fatehpursekari Uday Bhan Singh behaved with the SDM. Soon after these people standing started slogans of SDM Murdabad. She was alone and silent.

The incident took place on Monday when the MLA went to Agra’s Kerawali tehsil, where the money is distributed for crops damaged due to bad weather in April.

Fatehpursekari MLA Uday bhan Singh
source – Facebook

Because of not getting the Compensation of the crops damaged, Farmers reaches out to the Kerawali tehsil and were showing anger.

Due to the noise coming SDM came out from her office and told farmers that When we get your bank details, we will deposit the money in your account.

You are not listening and making noise here. Soon after hearing this the MLA got angered and started to speak in anger.

When asked about the incident here’s what SDM said.

Here are some reaction against Uday Bhan Singh.