Amritsar police tied up women on top of the jeep and roam across the town,

A serious incident where Amritsar Police horrifically misbehaved with a woman.

“Cops ties lady on the roof of a jeep and roamed in the village. While all this was going on Woman fell from the roof, had serious injuries. Woman was admitted to the nearby hospital.”

Even though the police is not speaking anything about this behaviour, there is anger in the villagers.

Amritsar police tied up women on top of the jeep and roam across the town

The matter came to light after CCTV footage emerged showing the woman being carried on the roof of the jeep driven by a police official. She was caught falling in a video as the speeding vehicle took a sharp turn in an area of Amritsar district.

The CCTV footage showed her falling on the road as the vehicle sped away. She was then seen getting up and trying to run away. People on the roadside helped her to reach a nearby hospital.

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Because of some property dispute police went to her home in Chawinda Devi area of Amritsar district to question her father-in-law. Police could not find her father-in-law, they tried to take away her husband which she opposed strongly. Due to this action of women police punished her by putting her on the roof of the jeep.

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