15-YO Girl Gang Raped And Abandoned In Gurgaon, Takes Lift To Home And Raped Again

In Haryana’s Punhana, on 30th July a 15-YO girl was kidnapped and repeatably raped by 5 men.

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A case is registered on Monday after the victim’s father filed a complaint of the incident, alleged that five men kidnapped and gang-raped her daughter belonging to their area.

According to the Hindustan Times, the girl said the acquaintance had called two of his friends, who after raping her threatens her and dumped near the roadside.

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Later she asked two men passing by a car for help, instead they again raped her. After they left her outside the village.

The case is registered and the investigation is on. The search for the accused is underway. The police under various section of Indian Panel registered a case under POCsO act.

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