Geetika slaps Subhash Kapoor
source : YouTube

The year-old #MeToo movement is currently is making a lot of buzz in India. One after other names are coming out. Tanushree Dutta’s accusations of sexual harassment against veteran actor Nana Patekar gave initial courage for every woman to speak up.

In recent days other Bollywood figures, a comedian, a best-selling author and top journalists have all found themselves accused of abusing their positions to misbehave towards women. Another big name from Bollywood Subhash Kapoor is accused of molesting Geetika.

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The actress has accused the director Subhash Kapoor of molesting her. Geetika on her twitter handle shared a video in which she named Subhash Kapoor as her molester and also labelled video as “Subhash Kapoor’s true face”.

The video, which has been shot through a hidden camera, in which Subhash Kapoor, his wife Dimple Kharbanda and Geetika discussing the sexual misconduct of the director.

The actress is seen slapping the accused in the video:

Here’s is the Video:

Although Subhash Kapoor accepted that he had a sexual encounter with the actress, but he denied forcing himself upon her. While Geetika is seen crying hysterically in the video, the Subhash Kapoor’s wife is seen pleading the actress to keep it under wraps as she didn’t want her son to be affected by this.

It’s a shame how this count is increasing every day. Women’s are speaking out. All started with Tanushree DuttaAIB came, Utsav ChakrabortyAnurag Verma from HuffPost India, also Jeeveshu AhluwaliaRajat KapoorAlok NathGaurang Doshi from Bollywood with Vairamuthu the Tamil lyricist as well. MJ Akbar is also accused by several women’s. It’s actually difficult to recall all the names as these are coming thick and fast.