MeToo India
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The year-old #MeToo movement is currently is making a lot of buzz in India. One after other names are coming out. Tanushree Dutta’s accusations of sexual harassment against veteran actor Nana Patekar, gave initial courage for every woman to speak up. MeToo India is going on.

In recent days other Bollywood figures, a comedian, a best-selling author and top journalists have all found themselves accused of abusing their positions to misbehave towards women. From all over names are coming out.

As the movement gathers more steam, females in the industry are coming forward exposing more names.

Here are the Indian celebs who have been accused as part of the #MeToo campaign in India:

Utsav Chakraborty

Utsav Chakraborty accused of sexually harassing minor girls encouraging them for sexting. He apologised on Twitter and later removed all the tweets. Read Full Story

Anurag Verma 

Anurag Verma from HuffPost India apologies for sexually harassing. He apologised saying I have also used the “send nudes” term very loosely. For me, it was a meme back then, but I didn’t realise the damage I was doing by sending it to people. Read Full Story

Jatin Das

Jatin Das — a well-known painter, has been accused by three women’s namely Nisha Bora, journalist Anushree Majumdar and Garusha Katoch, how he tried to grab them and kissed them. However, her daughter Nandita Das is actively supporting #MeToo. Read Full Story.

MJ Akbar

Once the name of MJ Akbar came than allegations started to come thick and fast and more than 20 women’s told about being harassed by the Central Minister. In hours several allegations against MJ Akbar came in. Read Full Story.

Vinod Dua

Filmmaker Nishtha Jain on Facebook post wrote a detailed post recalling the 1989 incident wherein an interview Vinod Dua lewd sexual joke. Later He said, he wanted to talk and asked me to enter his car. I could even settle down he began slobbering all over my face. Mallika Dua Daughter of Vinod Dua is strongly supporting #MeToo. Read Full Story.

Ajit Thakur

Supriya said she was called for a meeting at another executive’s place at 8 pm where a producer and an actress joined them. Then, she was asked about her sex life by Ajit Thakur and later coerced into consuming alcohol even after her saying no. He touched her inappropriately. Read Full Story.

KR Sreenivas

KR Sreenivas, a resident editor with The Times of India, the name is taken by multiple women’s. One says “He lays his hand on my thigh and goes, ‘my wife and I have grown apart. She doesn’t understand me”. Read Full Story.

Rajat Kapoor

Rajat Kapoor wanted to shoot in an empty house. Issues apology on Twitter. He misbehaved through the phone and asked her questions such as ‘are you as sexy as you sound’ and asked about her body measurements. Read Full Story

Vikas Bahl

Another name from Bollywood is the director of queen Vikas Bahl. Total of 3 allegations are made against him. The third actress came with the heavy accusation against Vikas Bahl revelling that at a party pretend to be drunk and tried to kiss her. Read Full Story

Alok Nath

This name is the most shocking one, and allegations are not only of sexual harassment but also of rape against Vinita Nanda. Alok Nath reacted saying — Neither I’m denying nor do I would agree with it. It (rape)must happen, but someone else would have done it. Read Full Story

Piyush Mishra

A former newspaper staffer Ketki Joshi in a Facebook post came against Piyush Mishra. In 2014 she met him as a fan in a party where Piyush Mishra was invited as a chief guest. He started light flirting in front of approximately 20-25 people. He grabbed her hand and started rubbing his hand against her. Read Full Story.

Anu Malik

Sona Mohapatra lashed out Anu Malik on the Instagram post calling him serial predator for years. Now Shweta Pandit accused Anu Malik of asking a kiss in exchange of a song when she was just 15. However, Anu Malik’s lawyer had denied all the allegations. Read Full Story.

Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan name is also included in the list. The first time I interviewed Sajid Khan in the early 2000s, he called me to his house he shared w/his sister. Thru the interview, he talked about how large his p**** is & how he knew how to satisfy a woman. Read Full Story.

Subhash Kapoor

The actress has accused the director Subhash Kapoor of molesting her in which she even slapped him. Geetika on her twitter handle shared a video in which she named Subhash Kapoor as her molester and also labelled video as “Subhash Kapoor’s true face.” Read Full Story.

Kailash Kher

As of now, Kailash Kher has been accused by several women’s of being touching them inappropriately sending them flirty message. Recently a girl said that Kailash Kher sent flirtatious messages to her, and termed him as a predator and creep. Read Full Story.

Bhusan Kumar

An anonymous woman on Twitter has alleged that Kumar had asked her to make sexual connections with her instead of singing three of her production house ‘Production House’. Bhusan Said —“I am worried and sad to know. Women have dragged my name into the campaign” #MeToo “. Read Full Story.

Lasith Malinga

Anonymously a woman said, during IPL He pushed me in the bed and proceeded to climb on my face. I closed my eyes and mouth, but he used my face. Hotel staff knocked on the door. I ran into washroom washed my face and left as soon as hotel staff left. Read Full Story.

Subhash Ghai

He took me to the Fariyas hotel. Where he often go to write, and they have a suite ready for him. I was wobbly, but he held me and took me to the suite. He took off my jeans, and he mounted me. I was trying to scream, but he put his hand on my mouth. Read Full Story.

Luv Ranjan

An actress has anonymously mentioned the incident during the audition. In 2010 Ranjan asked her to strip down for him. At that time auditions were going on for Pyaar Ka Panchanama. Read Full Story.

Aditi Mittal

After the number of comedians, another comedian Kaneez Surka has accused comedian Aditi Mittal of sexually harassing her when she hosted a comedy show at Andheri Base two years ago. Read Full Story.


Lyricist Vairamuthu being accused of sexual harassment by several women. In the pretext of explaining lyrics, he came to me, hugged me and kissed me. I did not know what to do. I said OK sir, thank you and ran from his house. Several women shared their incident of sexual harassment against Vairamuthu. Read Full Story.

Nana Patekar

This is all where it started. Tanushree Dutta spoke out about a decade old incident where Nana Patekar along with few names is accused. However, Nana has denied all the allegation. Read Full Story.


From Utsav Chakraborty, AIB is involved. Co-founder of AIB after receiving a complaint against Utsav didn’t react. Yesterday AIB parted ways with Tanmay Bhat And Gursimran Khamba until further notice. Read Full Story.

Gaurang Doshi

Bollywood actress Flora Saini has come forward to share her story of harassment at the hands of producer Gaurang Doshi. Narrating her story she wrote, Valentine’s day 2007 beaten up by a known producer “Gaurang Doshi’ who I loved n was dating then. Read Full Story.

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia is also accused of misbehaving by a woman. Wherein the woman wrote anonymously that during her meeting with Ahluwalia for an interview, he made her uncomfortable by asking her age, whether she was seeing someone and why she could not wear “hot dresses”. Read Full Story.

Thee are few more names in the list including Mayank Jain,  author Chetan Bhagat. The latest name came is  Varun Grover, and no one knows many names can be added in the list of Shame.