Ajit Thakur resign, amid #MeToo

Due to the storm of #MeToo, so many people have had to resign from their work. The new name in this list is of Ajit Thakur, head of the content studio of Reliance Industries, who has resigned following allegations of #MeToo.

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Supriya had accused Ajit that when she went to the job interview, he had misbehaved with her. Ajit Thakur made unwelcoming advances towards her.

She was called for a meeting at another executive’s place at 8 pm where a producer and an actress joined them. Then, she was asked about her sex life by Ajit Thakur and later coerced into consuming alcohol even after her saying no. He touched her inappropriately during the meeting. They were also consuming cocaine according to the complaint filed to SWA. She had left that midnight.

According to a recent report, Ajit Thakur’s advocate has confirmed this news as saying that Ajit has resigned from his post, after which he will be able to take legal action against Supriya. Ajit Thakur has returned from the holiday recently, and he has resigned as soon as he returns.

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