Saddam Hussein - The Care Taker Of A Ram Temple

India is divided into religion by a set of few people but, time and time India wipes them out and proves there is nothing above love and humanity. Such is a story of 27-year-old Saddam Hussein from Bengaluru who leads by example and proves there is nothing above love.

According to The New Indian Express, Saddam Hussein is responsible to take care of the entire temple premises. With Ramnavami just a few days away, the temple chariot is taken out annually for rallycross, and keeping it serviced and maintained is Saddam’s job.

Saddam who studied till class 2 also does the odd job such as driving cab, helps people in shifting house. After entering the temple Saddam takes a ladder, climb and clean the whole temple.

Talking to The New Indian Express, Saddam said:

“There are two kinds of people — one, who appreciate me for doing this job, the second pass comments on my work. I just greet them with a smile.”

“I sell Ganesha idols during Ganesha Chaturthi. Saddam works with me. It was I who referred Saddam for the annual cleaning work of the temple and he is doing it with complete sincerity. Everybody appreciates him.”

Twitter is calling it the Real India.

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