Bishnu Bhagat

A resident of Baripada Bishnu Bhagat, aged 36, dressed as a dustbin with colorful polythene bags to convey a message among people. He is being referred as Chalta Firta Dusting which he says wouldn’t mind because he wants to send a message that if by just few polythene bags if I could look ugly what would we all together have made Earth lookalike.

Regularly, he goes to school to meet kids. He spread a message of saving the environment and made them aware of how harmful is polythene bags are. On his dress messages like “Save Future, Don’t use polythene bags” are written.

Bishnu Bhagat

Bishnu Bhagat says I have seen a cow eating food wrapped in polythene bags. Along with food cow ate away polythene bag as well, and a few days later cow died. This disturbed me, and I decided to do a bit for the environment and animals.

The moment he entered the school, students were excited. They anticipated that Mr Bhagat would talk about something related to environment, polythene or something related.

Bishnu Bhagat

“I appreciate Mr Bhagat’s unique idea of dressing himself up with polythene bags to draw attention. This way, he had children’s interest, and they learned an important life lesson from him”

Said the principal of the school in Mayurbhanj, Aloka Dutta.

­“I learned that I should not use polythene bags and also encourage my friends and family members to stop its use.”said one of the school student.”

The efforts of Mr Bhagwat are noticed and appreciated by the authorities. Mayurbhanj’s Collector Vineet Bharadwaj said that his efforts could culminate into a mass movement in the district and everyone can collectively work towards a better future.