IKEA store, Hyderabad

On 9th of August IKEA opened its first store in Hyderabad, India. People went super crazy for it. On the inauguration day itself, IKEA store surprise with 40,000 attendance. To enter the store, there was a waiting time of 4 hours.

A massive traffic jam was also seen on the roads of Hi-Tech city nearby Raheja mind space. Even the police have to roll out the instructions to avoid congestion caused in the area around the store.

After all the grand success on opening day, it was the sales figure which fascinated IKEA. Mahesh Murthy said that IKEA earned 2.4 crores from 9th August to 10th August (Lunchtime) & 11 lakhs from the restaurant.

The start IKEA got has given them a very positive note to go ahead. Another furniture store HomeTown, however, founded an innovative and creative way to advertise there brand that out right outside of IKEA store.

Advertise outside IKEA Hyderabad

Advertise outside IKEA Hyderabad

The ad read, ‘What’s not there is here”. Indirectly, it says that what people don’t find at IKEA, can get at HomeTown. People find it innovative and it went viral in no time on Twitter.

Well, what are your thoughts on this ad by HomeTown.? This will spark IKEA, and they will be looking for a chance to respond as soon as possible to HomeTown.