impressive McDonald's Prank

Two friends chilling at McDonald’s saw a blank wall and decided to pull off a prank by placing an advertisement using there snap’s. This sound’s like an idea which might not be executable and hoax may get dead there itself.

Jehv Maravilla and his friend Christian Toledo along with few of there friends pull this off.

Both of them looked around ad place at the restaurant and didn’t find any Asian. Maybe we can change that was a thought. They took a picture of them at some school and edited the same. Later ordered the image to get it into advertisement poster.


After this, they purchased the dress code of McDonald’s employee. T-shirt, a Walkie Talkie and a tie as well. The most important of all an Identity card.


After all the arrangements finished, the countdown began.

They reached the spot and waited for the place to get clear, once the Resturant got cleared they bought the poster and positioned it, and it was done.

Jehv Maravilla and his friend Christian Toledo decided to hang a fake promotional poster of themselves at a local McDonald’s in Houston, Texas. While many have gotten a laugh out of their prank, Maravilla and Toledo, who are both Filipino-Americans, used the opportunity to make a statement about the lack of Asian representation in the company’s advertising.

Twitter loved there prank.


Below is the video they uploaded on YouTube.