Uber Driver Santosh

Few times in life we came across some kind soul who left a mark with us. We often cross path with faulty people and rarely with the human who can restore our faith on humanity. Such one incident was shared on Twitter by Priyashmita Guha which she experienced. Uber driver Santosh after dropping his passengers to the destination waited for more than an hour to make sure they safely indoors.

At 1 AM. Santosh, a cab driver after dropping mother and daughter at their destination, could have just left. Though, the gate where they were staying, was closed. He could have gone there and then.

If not, then, later when he gets a pickup, then he could leave. Though, he chose to wait, till the woman and her mother had reached safely indoors. Also, the heart touching gesture of the Santosh soon started to be shared by thousands.

Twitter loved the gesture by Uber Driver.