Dog Saves More Than 30 People From Fire. But, Later Died In The Cylinder Blast

Yesterday, the fire broke in the building in Banda, Uttar Pradesh. A dog started barking continuously which alerted people about the fire. It was only because of the animal people escaped on time.

Dog Saved 30 life
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According to Times Now, after a fire broke out in a building, this dog kept barking so that people would know about fire and can escape on time.

An eye witness told ANI:

“The dog kept barking at the fire which alerted everyone and allowed them to escape safely. Later died when a cylinder blasted.”

Dog Saved 30 life

As the incident came into light, people were heartbroken.

There are a few previous instances when dogs saved humans from physically assaulted, molested, or robbed. At the same time, humans giving some love to animals will also be appreciated.