YouTube Rewind

Its December and like every other year’s YouTube has released a Rewind of 2018 which highlights best movements along with the creators which had a buzz in the year.

Since its release YouTube Rewind is making news, Its in the trending list and has already fetched 48+ million views. The highlight of the whole Rewind is the number of dislikes it received.

YouTube Rewind

To 1.4 million like, it currently has 4 million dislike, which is the worst ratio of like to dislike. None of the Rewind has received this amount of hate.

With 4 million like YouTube Rewind stands on top 2nd spot of most disliked video on YouTube.

On all the platforms there are tons of negative comments.

PewDiePie being the highest subscribed channel in the world could manage to get his chair of YouTube Rewind.

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