Samsung troll

The Internet is one of the best things happened and from that, we got social media which keeps us entertained all the way. Achievement can be celebrated, good work get praised but a small, tiny mistake can bring in a troll. This is what a one of Samsung account is experiencing.

One of the guys who manages Samsung Twitter handle just made a colossal blunder while twitting, and someone just took notice to it. The guy tweeting for Samsung tweeted from iPhone but, to his bad luck, he forgets to remove the signature before posting.

As the tweet was posted, there was a small line written: “via Twitter for iPhone”. A Twitter user with name Marques Brownlee identified it and posted through his account after which the trolling game started.

Here’s the tweet:

Samsung troll

Anyhow that particular tweet from Samsung’s account is obviously removed. Here’s how Twitter reacted to the mistake noticed by the user.