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PM Narendra Modi ‘Man Vs Wild’ with Bear Grylls:

PM Narendra Modi ‘Man Vs Wild’ with Bear Grylls episode was tele casted on Discovery Channel. In this episode, PM talked about the environment, nature. He also recalled his previous life.

“Every plant is a flower. We see God in every plant.”

“It is every human’s responsibility (to protect the environment). The biggest problem is our lifestyle. We exploit nature for our enjoyment, and that is the biggest problem,” Said Narendra Modi.

He mentioned his old days, beginning as a tea seller’s son and how he visited the Himalayas in his youth that led to an awakening of the soul.

As the episode appeared on TV, many are impressed with Prime Minister. While hundreds of memes and jokes were made by netizens on various issues. Few wondered if Bear Grylls understood as PM Modi spoke in Hindi.