Ola Cabs Offered Ride With Chetan Bhagat. Twitter Trolled Both Of Them

Twitter is the best source of trolling and appreciating individuals. Now and then someone is trolled and trolled harshly.

This time it’s Chetan Bhagat. He is one of the most bestseller authors and most trolled as well.

Chetan Bhagat latest book Girl In Room 105 will be out soon. This time he collaborated with Ola Cabs to promote the book. The idea is to encourage people to get a ride of OLA cabs and to offer the lucky winners a ride with the man himself plus discounts on his latest release.

To announce the latest collaboration he took Twitter.

People didn’t like the idea and trolled Chetan Bhagat as they always do and all in between Ola Cabs also became a victim.