Nillu Nillu Challenge

So, the Internet is cool but, not always. Here is one of the stupidest challenge came by name Nillu Nillu Challenge which is going viral in Kerela. What this for no one knows but, its going viral. Kerela Police had stated on their Facebook page to be alert with this challenge.

Over the past few year challenges comes then becomes a trend for a few weeks and then disappear. The Momo dangerous challenge, Kiki famous challenge and a few more of them.

This Nillu Nillu Challenge has to stupidest of all the challenge. To complete the challenge groups of people are jumping in front of a moving vehicle which includes bikes, bus, trains even in front of a JCB machine and starts dancing on a Nillu Nillu song. The name Nillu Nillu challenge.

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Kerela Police came up with a strong warning on a Facebook page regarding Nillu Nillu challenge.

Do not invite accidents; No serious imitations.
Music and Tick Talk are some of the fastest growing games among Facebook and Whatapp. As video posts are rapidly becoming viral, attempts are being made to make it more attractive and different. Standing in front of the running vehicle, you can see the song “Nila Kuy” in the background of Ticktok and throwing a jungle on a tree or a helmet in the head. Trends are a lot of imitations.
For the first time, there were four wheelers and four wheelers. Now the situation is worse. It was a jerk to the front of the rush running bus. The new generation has been enthusiastic to mimic what is dangerous to catch up with the community press. This does not make sense of the danger of the sudden strangulation of the vehicle or the psychoses of that driver. The jokes like this can withstand huge disasters and can never be justified.