Man wants to go to border and kill Hindus

Tension has grown up to the new level after Pulwama attack. Indian Air Force has Air strike Pakistan and destroyed the terrorist camps. After Airstrike Pakistan is continually violating ceasefire at the border. After all these critical circumstances we all know war is not an option. However, some doesn’t agree with the same.

Previously, a news anchor video (Tauba Tauba) went viral in which he threats India that Pakistan is a Nuclear state and the country will attack India. Now, a video is circulated widely on social media where a Pakistani man dressed in a suit, handling two guns and announcing that he is going to the border to kill Hindus.

I don’t know his intention but, This man’s confidence has surely impressed me. Soldiers on borders are using tankers, bunkers and this guy with just two guns is going to the border. Initially, the man starts to walk and realize that he does have a car and featured them in the clip as well.

Twitter, on the other hand, is going ROFL after looking at the clip. Few describe him as Deepak Kalal of Pakistan while some label him as Arnab Goswami and showed him his real place.