Kapil Sharma is going through rough faces in his life. One after other controversy is hitting him hard. Let it be his unprofessional behaviour or an abusive phone call which leaked. Ever since the air saga with his colleagues on the plane the graph of Kapil Sharma career went downwards

Now and then fans of Kapil wanted him to return on tv and its look like after all these patches in his life, his fans are standing with him as a rock solid.

Kapil sharma
source-Hindustan Times

Recently comedian was spotted and he was looking quite unfit as he has gained weight. Now he is back to India after two months long vacation and is planning to make a comeback in 2 months according to the latest report. Comedian will start to get back in shape and for this, he’ll be hiring a personal trainer. Kapil Sharma is expected to make a comeback sometime around October.

We all hope he will make a quick and a long comeback again and will give laughter nights as before.