IRCTC Savage troll

The fact is IRCTC only trends when it’s down. But, it’s now trending and it’s not down. And it is due to the EPIC reply from there official Twitter handle to a random who is now known to everyone.

Anand Kumar while booking tickets through IRCTC website saw some ads which were obscene And vulgar. To bring this into notice he tweeted about the vulgar ads are very frequently appearing on the IRCTC ticket booking app.

Little did he know about how hard this tweet will be hitting him.

However, little did he know that the “embarrassing and irritating” content appearing on the website was a result of his own browsing behaviour, something that a response from the official clarified.

To which IRCTC was ruthless and gave an epic reply.

And Twitter taking a break from JCB and its Khudaai memes as there next target came walking. From hilarious jokes to memes, here are some of the many reactions trending on Twitter.