Indigo Tried To Ask A Meme Question But, It Backfired Ends In Trolling

Indigo is India’s most economic airline company and that makes it the most busiest as well. Often Indigo makes news due to wrong reasons which include ill treatment to the passengers, engine fail as well.

indigo trolled

Several companies on their social network ask a question to there followers which sometimes is funny, sometimes a social message but, it pops up regularly on news-feed.

Keeping the latest trend in mind Indigo tires to apply it by asking a question in the form of the meme on Twitter. Instead of getting a positive response to the question, it backfired to the airline company.

Indigo really wants to know why people stand up even when the seat-belt sign is on. Instead of replying to the airline company, users started to ask the question. From meal quality to web check-ins — questions are continuously asked by the user.

Indigo’s Paap Praschit route