Election Result 2018 (Congress)

The result of the recently conducted election in 5 states were out today where BJP lost everything in all these states. They Lost Chhattisgarh one side, Congress having a majority in Rajasthan. There is still a tough fight in Madhya Pradesh but, Congress emerged as the biggest party in the state.

This is the first major loss of BJP under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Election of three states where Congress won are majorly seen as the semi-final for the upcoming Lok Sabha election and it is a major set back for the BJP. Here are the result of the five states.

Here are the result of the five states.

Netizens were actively participating in the election result with making jokes and meme on BJP after the early results started to come. 


Maaf Karo

Did you even had doubt before.?

Apun Ko Kuch Farak Nahi Padata

Lal Krishna Advani is happy man

Meanwhile Bhakts after results.