Facebook and Instagram Were Down

Facebook and Instagram both were simultaneously suffering a serious outage worldwide and user from both platforms came up to twitter. User complains of not able to log on both the social network. While trying to log in user received error message, while the Instagram user reported that application was not loading.

As both platforms were down user rushed to Twitter to confirm as if they are the only one or it is a bunch of people experiencing the same issue.

It was in August when Facebook was down last time and in the October when Instagram was down. But today both social networks were simultaneously were experiencing an outage. User from both the platform took no time to come up on twitter and share the issue.Β Β #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown was among the top trends along with Facebook and Instagram.

Places were both network were down

Here’s how twitter reacted

Everyone’s on twitter.

All of us literally

Yes.! You are I guess

You were not alone.

World was on Twitter.

I wonder what will happen of Twitter goes down.

Many more feature you might have found

Twitter unite everyone.

Twitter is saviour.

Facebook was yet to reveal the reason behind the outage.

However, Twitter was a saviour.