Conservation b/w Amazon and Guy

Social Media has given us so much power in our hand. We can directly contact the customer care of the brand which we want. Every brand focuses on providing the user-friendly service. Let it be the way or the other. They do. Several brands are very active on Twitter/Facebook, and they try to solve customerโ€™s query in the best possible way.

We have seen this in the past as well with multiple brands. Jio was replying to their customer in the best possible way every time. This time itโ€™s Amazonโ€™s turn, and nailed it.

To which the company replied: Prime membership was offered at an introductory offer of Rs 499. The Prime promotional offer has ended now. Since the promotion has now expired, the membership will cost Rs.999. You may want to stay tuned for upcoming promotions. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do read the complete conservationย :

This conservation between Amazon and the Guy has some cool replies from both the side, but ultimately Amazon came on top with their customer-friendly service.

This conservation doesn’t go unnoticed and later after the user started Retweeting it. Users are finding it funniest exchange.