Best Sleep Jugaad

When it comes to Jugaad, no one can match Indians. Laziness leads to creativity and creativity leads to Jugaad is what the new line should be and this guy proves it right.

While we all are in 2019, this guy is surely living in 3019.

This has to be the best sleep Jugaad you’ll see. The dude attaches a mosquito bat to the table fan which rotates along with the fan. This guy has lead to innovation.

But, of course, there is always space for creativity. The other guy who had gone past the fan guy. There are innovations going on but, nothing beats the desi Jugaad.

Here is another video of a guy who is enjoying grapes and using his cell phone at the same time in the same fashion. He attached some grapes in the table fan and enjoys them.

We are in 2019 and these two are in 3019 and 4019 respectively.