Out Of 543 Seats, ABP News Gave 564 Seats To BJP Led NDA In 2019 Election Survey

The festival of Democracy will start in a month. India will choose who will lead them for the next five years. Election Commission has declared dates of the election which will begin on 11th of April and will end of 19th of May. Voting will happen in seven phases with result scheduled to come on 23rd May.

As the dates announced by ECI, news channel started there coverage. Doing an election survey is now a trend in media and as the dates announced channel started to show their exit poll. While showing the Exit poll ABP news made a big blunder.

Election Blunder By ABP News

There are a total of 543 Lok Sabha seats in India and ABP news in the survey gave 564 seats to BJP led NDA. Congress-led UPA got 141 and others got 138 according to ABP News.

While we all know it is a silly typing mistake and happened accidentally but, trollers got something under there belt.